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Latest Stories

This is the story of how Dewayne’s life turned around, and it starts in the field in West Eugene where he was arrested. With a meth addiction, a 15-year prison sentence, and a toddler in the next room, he couldn't believe the state of his life. That's the night Dewayne had a conversation with Jesus.

It took a lot for Lizzie to overcome the damage bullies caused her in middle school. She persevered, God protected her, and now she lives in overcoming joy!

Starting at a young age, Julie was a caregiver with her parents for kids in foster care with high medical needs. Eventually, several families took her in like their own. As Julie experienced unconditional love, she began to heal from neglect and abuse, developing healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Read More.

This is hope! Here's just a sample of the local stories we captured in 2023. Every video captured the story of a local person whose life has been changed by Jesus! What if Jesus could change yours?

New Age & Spirituality

Aisha grew up in South Eugene in a family that embraced New Age. In 7th grade she set out to prove Christianity was false. Through a journey of research, joy-filled Christian peers, and experiences with the Spirit of God, she discovered at way to live in the "100%" of life through Jesus.

David dabbled in New Age, Buddhism and crystals, but he never had direction, until he met Jesus Christ.

After leaving the party scene, Emily used new age practices, crystals, and reiki for healing, and became a Reiki Master Teacher. During a session with a client, using healing energy from the universe, she encountered Jesus.

Answered Prayers, Miracles & God Speaks

How do you know God is listening to you when you pray? Elisa was her parents' functional ASL interpreter. In college she was homeless and prayed to God. He answered her the next day.

How Marra's wanderlust lead her to Mexico and a discovery about God. She thought Jesus was a power construct until He spoke to her.

How would you process a nearly losing your life in college? This is Gunnar's near death experience on an Alaskan fishing boat.

What would you need to see to know if there is a God? Watch Eugene-area artist Dan Chen’s supernatural experience that convinced him there is a Creator.

How many coincidences it too many coincidences? Devastated by divorce and cancer, Kristin cried out to the ceiling.

Rescued out of sex trafficking | After high school and multiple dance opportunity rejections, Lindsey ended up in an abusive relationship that led her out of state. After a cry for help, her abuser miraculously sent her home. Now, she spends her life investing in the self-worth of children and youth through her own dance studio, Identity Dance in Springfield Oregon.

Depression, Anxiety, Healing & Identity

Saved from gang violence and suicide, now an advocate for family reunification! Matt planned to end his life surrounded by trees in South Eugene. When another car parked near him, he realized he was in a church parking lot. You'll be amazed by what happened when he went inside and the way Jesus changed his life.

When his son was ill, Mark went searching for God. The Bible began to make sense, and he found real answers - that Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life." As Mark discovered Jesus, God's love began to heal him from the pain of losing his parents. "God took away my loneliness and the constant despair that I would never have a father."

Can you overcome anxiety? "I'm not as alone as I think I am." Anxiety is a reality in Kylie's life, but so is hope.

Mary's story proves that God can rewrite any story! Take it from Mary, "if your life looks like a mess right now, you have to know there's hope!"

Carlos was a senior in high school when the world shutdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. After spending hours alone in his room, playing video games and feeling depressed, something changed.

Marriage Restored after an Affair & Divorce - Young and in love eventually turned into heartache, betrayal and divorce. But a surprising turn of events brought Eric and Andrea back together, and they didn’t know marriage could be this good! Read more.

Gonzalo grew up around gangs, drugs, and even saw his first death at age seven. After his marriage nearly fell apart, contemplating suicide, God intervened. Jesus healed him of manic depression, restored his marriage, and Gonzalo's image of himself.

After her parents' divorce, Ruth questioned the faith they professed. She turned away from Christianity in her teens. Eventually she found herself in a dark place, thinking Jesus would never forgive her. Then she got desperate, and Jesus met her there. Now she says, "this is the happiest I've ever been."

After a horse-riding accident, chronic pain led Wendy to question everything: Is there a Good God? Why do bad things happen to good people? Through a journey, she discovered how Jesus could bring her comfort and wholeness.

Richard found freedom and purpose outside of a screen or game. Now he lives for something greater than himself. Isn't purpose what we're all searching for?

Johanna thought she'd never have a healthy relationship with her father. After she experienced Jesus in a very real way, she began to realize forgiveness and restoration was possible - even with her dad.

Nate learned how to stop being a perfectionist. "Perfect wasn't enough, and I could never be good enough."

How do you deal with the death of your dad? Growing up with alopecia, anxiety and loss, led Becca on a journey of becoming a new person.


Melody discovered how to move on from he pain of her past. The party scene, drugs and bad relationships left Melody confused and broken in her 20s. Then her sister told her the secret to freedom from heavy burdens. She's learned redemption looks like the pain of your past losing its sting.

Recovery & Sobriety

Krysta found a power beyond herself to overcome childhood abuse and a 20 year meth addiction. She's not a victim anymore!

Billy's life proves you can turn your life around - but you can't do it alone.

All Billy wanted was the sense of "family" he didn't have growing up. It led to a string of broken relationships, DHS removing his kids, and deeper addictions. "I felt cursed from life.  I didn't want to live anymore."

Trish never thought she'd end up in prison or trapped in an addiction she couldn't break. But that's when Jesus met her with love and grace she could never earn. Now she has a new lease on life, and she's overflowing with hope and joy!

An intervention changed the direction of Kimber's life and she got her family back.

Brittanie was a slave to meth and heroin, and she needed a way to get my life back. "I'd steal from them, and they would pray for me..."

Jed was about to lose his family. After a phone call from a friend, Jed went from hight to sober in a moment.

“I was going to die a drug addict, until Jesus took all my addictions away. He can heal anything. He loved me, even when I was His enemy.”

After years of hardcore addiction, jail time, and broken relationships, God took Troy’s addiction away overnight.

Richie had a radical encounter with a stranger at a thrift store in Eugene, OR. After years in prison, his life completely turned around.

Jackson’s Story | “He said, ‘Jesus keeps me sober.’” And now the greatest gift I have is joy.”

The Good Life

Connor learned how to stop living for the approval of other people, and it totally changed his life.  He instantly new right from wrong, and felt completely accepted by God.

What if that good luck is actually Jesus?

Auino discovered Christianity is anything but boring!

All Gabe wanted in life was a great adventure. On an Oregon logging job, high in a tree in the Cascades, he told God, "if you can fill my life with beauty like this, I'm asking."

Ranee went to church hungover on a dare... what she experienced changed her life.

Ranee went to church hungover on a dare... what she experienced changed her life.

Athlete Stories

Australian Olympic Silver Medalist, Nicola McDermott shares her story while competing in Eugene at the World Athletic Championships 2022.

"They walked me off the ledge, and I found a freedom I was looking for my whole life." Alyssa is a former University of Arizona softball player. Currently she is a University of Oregon softball coach and on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.