Spirituality felt like Light

Raised in New Age, Discovering Jesus

My journey to prove Christianity Wrong

Aisha grew up in South Eugene in a family that embraced New Age. In 7th-grade she set out to prove Christianity was false. Through a journey of research, joy-filled Christian peers, and experiences with the Spirit of God, she discovered a way to live life to the full!

Video Transcription

Hey, I'm Aisha Skye and I'm excited to share my story on Overflow Hope.

Growing up, I was around a lot of spirituality. I grew up with a Muslim dad and a mom that was very involved with all sorts of religions. I was around just so much of probably New Age is what I would call it. I just sort of thought Christians were a distant thing in the history that was really negative.

I had three best friends and one of them, in my mind, confessed that she was a Christian. That provoked a lot of questions in me. I was really confused. So I started asking the people around me.

I'd ask questions about God. I'd ask my family questions. I'd ask questions about God. And really, I wanted someone to just tell me how I could prove Christianity was wrong. I was going to, I was taking the bus to Churchill High School to take a math class there.

Suddenly, I'm the seventh-grade girl with all of these high schoolers fully engaged in conversation with me. And they're all sharing different pieces about Christianity and Jesus and the story of Jesus and how it connected to my life and my eternity. And I remember thinking, this is very weird. I don't know why they believe this. But also, there's something that I couldn't explain. I was really hooked in the conversation. They're so peaceful. They're so kind. They're really safe guys. And then I would be, you know, halfway across 18th towards middle school. And all of a sudden, I'm thinking about my friends in middle school. And I'm going, wow, they don't really feel so safe.

And I felt like maybe there's a different way that I can live my life. And then in that summer, my youth group, for the first time, I mean, if you can imagine, I'm expecting I'm going to church. And it's probably going to be, everyone here is probably going to be very wealthy, very mean. And it's probably all going to just be lies. And every friend from high school is all there. All of the friends from math class are there. They're all happy to see me. And then I went and met, I introduced myself.


Actually the youth pastor she asked me, 'What's your background? What do you believe?' When I told her expecting to hear you know that's wrong and tons of judgment and you know Bible flipping or whatever I think what she said was basically that's so amazing it sounds like you have an amazing family that's really smart and really seeking truth or something like that. I was just completely shocked so instead of being met with lies and anger and judgment I'm being met with just so much welcome. I mean I literally was like I don't think I know anything about Christianity I mean really it was just every week the same thing I would go and someone is sharing something from the front.

Then I remember God really encountering me in worship and really experiencing the supernatural which like I said it wasn't unfamiliar but it was the first time that the supernatural felt like light and felt like I don't know goodness and you know I was like I don't knowI just felt extremely known by God which was not something it's not really something that's a part of other religions is that actually God really knows and loves you.

I think that there was a lot of things in my life that felt like you know I guess just no one really has real peace no one really is fully joyful you know no one really knows who they are no one really is like fully fully loved you know you experience love but people let you down so everyone's just kind of settling you know I'm settling I guess everyone is settling that's the biggest thing that is so different in my life now is instead of settling for you know a sixty or seventy percent of what life can be the 100% and it's not based on my circumstances no more settling I think is how I would describe life with Jesus now why just I always love to share with people that I tell my story and I talk about my faith in Jesus, I always like to encourage people that if anything relates in my story, something that maybe they felt or experienced, to just simply ask Jesus, if you're real, would you reveal yourself to me?

And I really believe that Jesus wants to meet every single person and is meeting every person right where they're at and it doesn't have to be, you know, like someone else's story, but he's real to every individual heart and I think that when we're, you know, bold and courageous and humble enough to ask him to show himself to us, he will.