Healing: Reiki or Jesus?

Reiki Master Teacher Encounters Jesus’ Healing Power

After leaving the party scene, Emily used new age practices, crystals, and reiki for healing, and became a Reiki Master Teacher. During a session with a client, using healing energy from the universe, she encountered Jesus.

Video Transcription

My name is Emily. My boyfriend and I moved out to Oregon a couple years ago, after we were getting sober. We left the party scene and we just felt this emptiness.

We just saw moving to Oregon as a new beginning a fresh start. We got pretty heavy into New Age practices. We were using crystals, tarot cards, i learned about Reiki. I became a Reiki Master teacher, using energy from the universe to bring healing to people's bodies. It uses different levels of healing from the universe and symbols and all kinds of different things. I felt like that is what would heal a lot of my brokenness.

One day I was just giving a reiki treatment to one of my clients which is just using energy from the universe, it's not from God. I had my first encounter with Jesus. At that moment i just felt this huge overwhelming power come over me. I opened my eyes and I saw him there next to me and I felt this electricity like running through my body. Then I heard like a tap, tap, tap, tap and I opened my eyes and I saw like tears just falling from my face.

What I felt from Jesus was so powerful. I said to Him, without really knowing much about Him, that I never want to try to do a healing without Him ever again.

I started reading the Bible just to learn more about Him, but what I didn't realize was the Bible the words on the page are alive and God is reading it with you. So I just started feeling more in love with Jesus.

My goal was to try to figure out how I could incorporate Jesus into my work because it's my job, it's my business, it's my career, it's how i make all my money. But I couldn't.

Somebody prayed for my scoliosis in the name of Jesus and it was healed. That was so powerful that I wanted to learn more about him. That really opened my eyes and made me realize I can't teach a lie and I'm deceiving other people as I'm being deceived, and I could never obtain that level of healing that Jesus could do.

Jesus really pursued me and showed me that He's the true healer. So I gave my life to Jesus and I laid down my business.

I got into Reiki to find healing from just the open wounds of losing my friends and just covering up childhood things, but it never brought me peace. But Jesus brought me the true peace that I was looking for. Even when I wasn't looking for him, he was pursuing me and it was just so in my face I couldn't avoid it.

My best friend happened to give her life to Jesus around the time we met. My relationship has gotten so much better. My boyfriend at the time is now my husband. And we got married and there's just so much more peace in the household that Reiki could never bring. Jesus came to me in a Reiki session with a client. He came to me in my dream. He healed my back, something I could never do with Reiki. And it's just so clear to me that Jesus is alive.