Can you Overcome Anxiety?

Kylie's Journey with Anxiety

Anxiety is a reality in Kylie's life, but so is hope. "I realized that I'm not as alone as I think I am."

Video Transcription

I'm Kylie and it wasn't until about six years ago that I realized I have dealt with anxiety nearly my entire life. I started going to counseling around that time and my counselor asked me to think back to the first time I had an experience with similar feelings that I was going through at that time and I realized it was when I was really young. It felt isolating, I felt alone, felt like certainly nobody in my life knew what I was going through or had experiences like that. So some of the types of thoughts that I would experience are a great sense of feeling overwhelmed, that I was worthless, I wouldn't measure up, and then life circumstances.

My mom got really sick and just looking at the dreams that would be lost as a child, I was like, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do as a result? Further deepened my anxiety and depression. So it wasn't until I started to dig into the life of Jesus that I realized he had an experience of anxiety as well. As he was preparing to die on the cross, he went to the Garden of Gethsemane and brought his friends. He brought his closest friends and he asked them to pray with him and for him. And in that, they began to pray and he went off by himself to pray.

And he asked the Lord to remove this feeling and this anxiety and this situation from him, probably knowing that God wouldn't because it was something he had to do. But in that, God met him, sent an angel. We can read that Jesus began to experience such great agony that he started to sweat drops of blood, which is a sign of like the most intense stress and anxiety you could ever experience. So it was when I read that I realized I don't think I'm actually as alone as I feel like I am. Although Jesus's situation of anxiety may have been short-lived, mine has been lifelong. And there have been really high highs and really low lows. There have been times that have been really difficult and felt really dark. But I know that the nearness of God has been with me and I've sensed his presence so richly, even in the pain.

I know that even if he doesn't lift this burden, he doesn't lift this pain, he is present with me in it. Knowing that I have the promise of God's presence gives me the hope that even in my darkest moment there will be breakthrough, there will be light, there will be a lifting, there will be an easing of the burden. It doesn't mean it will necessarily always be gone right away, but it gives me hope that I'm not going to be stuck here. So in my life, anxiety has been a reality and is a reality. But so is the guarantee of God's company. He's never left me. and I know he never will. There's nowhere I could go that his presence wouldn't be. There's nowhere I could flee. If I made my bed in the depths, even there, God would be with me.