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What New Age, Buddhism & Crystals Couldn't Give David

David dabbled in New Age, Buddhism and crystals, but he never had direction, until he met Jesus Christ.

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Video Transcription

Hey, my name is Dave Denard. I'm from Owasso, Michigan. I moved to Eugene four years ago.

I was raised Catholic. I went to a Catholic school until grade six. Just the just make sure you're saved kind of situation, which was very dry for me. Around age 18, 19, I got into a lot of new age stuff. I was swayed by anything and everything, you know, Buddhism, crystals, and my whole life was going well, but not as well as it could be without direction. If you're surrounding yourself with negative energy and negative words, you're going to result in suffering. And that's what happened in my life.

So after a period of time, about eight years, I met Jesus again, about a year and a half ago, thanks to my friend. And that changed my life. Before I was like really new age, I didn't have much direction and there's no like reference book. Even with like Buddhism and stuff, like we dabbled, my wife and I dabbled in Buddhism. There's like a million books. And there are some of these guys like they'll disagree with each other and stuff. So that's kind of weird. And the thing about like Buddhism for me was weird, was that they taught you that you have to work really, really hard to reach this like really hard to achieve enlightenment.

But really the beautiful truth there is that Jesus came to do all the work for us. He came to give us a connection to God to remove the veil. We don't have to sit hours every single day with our eyes closed to have a connection with God. We invite him into our heart and we talk to Jesus. What was the turning point? What was the catalyst for change? It was Jesus and meeting Jesus, inviting Jesus into our hearts, worshiping and feeling the presence of God. Jesus is not an old guy in a robe.

He's hope, he's understanding, he's love, he's comfort, and he's there for you at all times. The one thing that turned our lives around was Jesus Christ, giving our lives to him. And focusing on the presence. The presence of God is what changed my life. God is very real. Jesus is very real and he's alive and he wants to be intimate with you and he wants to live in your heart. So my encouragement to anybody watching this right now is to invite Jesus into your heart because he's waiting for you, he yearns for you, and he loves you very much. He changed my life for the better, much better now. I have a foundation. I have a book that I refer to on how to live my life properly and honestly, it's changed my life in a million different ways. And the presence of God is very comforting at all times and he's there for you. So definitely would recommend Jesus Christ.