Coincidences Started Happening

Devastated by divorce, cancer and single parenthood, Kristin cried out to the ceiling.

My journey to prove Christianity Wrong

Devastated by divorce and cancer, Kristin cried out to the ceiling. “If there is someone up there who can hear me…”

Video Transcription

So when I was 17 years old, my mom died of brain cancer and it completely changed my whole life. Up until then, I believed in God. After that moment, I wasn't sure God was good anymore or if I even believed in him. And I decided I was going to pursue the American dream.

I went to the University of Oregon, the business school. In one month's time, I graduated the business school, summa cum laude, got married, and started two businesses with my new husband. We were off and running for the American dream. We were very successful, and by the time I was 28, we had sold both businesses and done very well. Soon after all the success, at 28 years old, my life crashed.

My husband and I went through a very difficult divorce, and my twin sister called me to tell me she had the most deadly breast cancer you can get. That very scary C-word came back into our life again.

I found myself alone with two small children and my sister battling the same disease that took my mom. And when I was in that devastating place again, I made the decision one night to cry out to my ceiling. As I talked to the ceiling night after night, I would start with, if there is someone up there that can hear me, any one of the gods, some other supernatural being, even Yoda, I need help.

And surprisingly, coincidences started happening, like really specific coincidences, things that I couldn't explain, and things no one knew about. Specific checks coming in the mail, for the exact amount I had just talked to the ceiling about. Over and over again, coincidences happened. And after 35 coincidences, 40 coincidences, 45 coincidences, I could no longer say that they were coincidences anymore. Something was hearing me.

And one night, after a very long, difficult divorce, I had been pouring out my heart to the ceiling, and there was a twist and turn, and something that happened, that was like the end of an Oscar-winning movie. And I could not wait to get home and tuck my babies into bed, and go into my bedroom to talk to the ceiling. And I was jumping up and down, going, I know you exist, I know something's listening to me, and I know something cares. I know you care for me. And then I asked the ceiling a question I've never asked the ceiling before. “Do you have a name?” And I instantly heard a voice say, “Jesus.” I was taken aback, and I was angry. And in my heart, as a child, Jesus didn't show up.

But then he started talking to me and sharing with me, just like my little girl doesn't understand what's going on in our life right now, I, too, didn't understand what's happening with my mom. And he began to tell me that he was there, and he never left me. He never forsaked me. He was always with me. And it was so tangible and so real that I fell on my knees, and I said to him,” OK, you've proven your love to me, you've proven your care for me, and I'll follow you. I love you, too.”

It's been 20 years since that night, and he's never stopped talking to me. He promises us that if we seek him, we will find him if we seek him with our whole heart, even if we don't know his name. And my life. My life is so much better and more beautiful and beyond anything that I could have imagined back then with life in Jesus.

And by the way, my sister was also supernaturally healed twice from cancer.