As an Atheist, I was Spiritually Starving

"I felt Christ on the other side, accepting me."

Chuck didn't believe in anything spiritual until he was in a place of real hopelessness. When he responded to a call, everything started to change. 

"It was like paradise for me - like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt Christ on the other side accepting me."

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Video Transcription

I’m Chuck Geronimo. I'm 40 years old. I’m originally from Florida. I spent a vast majority of my life as a complete atheist.

I didn't believe in really anything spiritual. I thought there were some sort of experience I was going to find or something that I would encounter that would basically fulfill me and

through that I just guided myself completely astray.

Really, I look back now and it's clear to me that I was spiritually starving. You know, this is pretty much clearly that until I was just in a place of real hopelessness, real despair, and really starting to seriously consider exit. Just exits and looking around for anything that would take that away, so that you know, drugs and you know, partying and you know, as the again, more of the same, you know, just kind of starving my own spirit.

Right around 2016 or 2017, I just started hearing a completely inexplicable call.

Usually, it happened when I was around the church. It didn't matter what church it was - could have been Catholic or it didn't matter the denomination. I would just hear this very clear call.

It was, “Come sit in my house. Come sit with my people.” And that repeated again and again and again. I literally thought I was in psychological trouble.

So fast forward me and my girlfriend Brittany, we had moved to Deerwood RV Resort and Brittany started working for the office there. Then we started receiving invites to church from the owner.

Really, that was the last thing I needed. That was the last step that I needed, you know, someone from a church offering. The invite was like, “Hey just come sit with us. Come sit.” We know, that's all he wanted was for us to come sit with him at church and that was Easter.

So Easter services, everybody's there and right at the end, the pastor asked everybody, if you want to claim Jesus in your heart and claim Jesus as your savior. Invite him into your heart. You know, you go ahead and stand up, and I was on my feet before I knew really what was happening. So, I started coming to the house. You know, I started coming to services and a month after, you know, I started coming to church.

There was a men's retreat that was coming up. I was broke and could not afford to go at all. So I spoke to a few of the pastors and then a sponsorship was lined up for me. That men's retreat was the most important weekend of my life.

The sense of unity, the sense of fellowship, the sense of community that I felt. It was like paradise for me. That it was totally different for me than anything I experienced in the past.

It wasn't just me giving up and surrendering and say, “I can't do this without you. I need you,” But I felt Christ on the other side accepting me.

I look back now and I can see God being faithful to me when I was totally unfaithful to him. So, really, it's like my focus is to glorify God in my decisions and in my actions and in my life. I feel convicted every day to do that and to give as much as I can back 'cuz I've been given this enormous gift that has literally saved me, has literally saved me.