The Power of Asking Questions

Emrakeb, PhD Candidate in Journalism

Emrakeb is a PhD candidate in the University of Oregon Journalism program. When she approached the Bible with curiosity and embraced asking God questions, she experienced hope and love that defied her circumstances. Discover the Bible for yourself.

Video Transcription

I am Emra actually Emrakeb Dalagay which is a sentence but you can call me Emra. I am from Ethiopia. I'm a PhD candidate in communication and media studies at the U of O. I have been here almost 7 years. I have never felt this close to our savior and our loving Father. My experience during the spring break. It was a one-week Bible study looking in depth into the Gospel of Mark, and that was the first time I ever done that. My interaction there was like it was so fascinating because every time we used to do Bible study or go to church it's in a ancient language called it's like Latin so you don't know what they are talking about you are there you attend the church and you get bored and then come out okay I have done my part but there wasn't that personal relationship they told us to be curious and they told us to ask questions and I was thinking, really, “I can do that?” I am one of those people who love asking questions. I am the worst type. In fact, why I ended up being a journalist was, okay, what is the profession that allows you to to ask questions and not be told you are being rude? Journalism.

So, that's why I ended up there. So, for me to hear that, oh, you can ask question, even the difficult ones and engage with his word from every level. That was an ‘aha moment‘ for me. He understand us as noone can. He's not judgmental. Asking questions normally is like most people when you ask questions, it's like you are questioning their authority. The more I sought him out, the more I started to understand Jesus, it was a healing experience, I felt loved but more than that, I felt peace even though I'm going through a lot. Nothing changed, you know, life throws, keeps on throwing curve balls at you but even going through that, I know he has his plan for me and I know it would be the best thing ever and with that in my mind and in my heart, I said, “yeah, I am good. I'm okay.” My prior understanding of Jesus was that I saw God as a very distant one who's there kind of like disappointed at us and kind of very harsh and ready to put his judgement on us but he is our Loving Father who wants the best for us. God loves us so much that He actually gave His only son to come and save us not because we deserved it because of His loving, compassionate nature and He understood that we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We sin. Jesus knows. He knows. He's our friend. He's our friend. Our comforter.