I almost died when my Alaskan fishing boat capsized.

This is Gunnar's near-death experience. How would you process nearly losing your life in college?

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Gunnar. I grew up here in Eugene. I went to school at Bushnell University. The past probably five summers, I have gone commercial fishing in Kodiak, Alaska. In the summer of 2020, our boat ended up getting rear-ended in a kind of a freak accident when our boat got hit, boom, starts tilting over, ends up capsizing. And at the time, me and two other crew members were asleep in the bunkhouse, which is a pretty tight, confined area. I didn't have my contacts in, no glasses, and I was pretty, pretty impaired visually.

Once it flipped over, you start hearing the water come in, and it's just like this roaring, this rushing sound, where it's just like and you start feeling it. Starts at your feet, coming up, coming up, coming up, coming up. Just the please God. There's just a please God in your head that goes, goes, goes. It's like a subconscious thing.

So my face is pressed up against what is now the floor of the boat. Take that breath, dive down, start swimming through. I'm just seeing a kind of a glimmering light where the doorway was, and I'm just, I'm just hoping. Eventually, I was able to find the doorway, slide through that. I come up right outside the doorway, thinking, all right, I've been holding my breath for probably like 30 seconds now. Cold water, adrenaline's just pumping like crazy, and, and I come up for a breath of air, hoping there's a there's an air pocket there. No air pocket there. So smack my face up against the fiberglass deck of the boat, and now it's like, okay, we're running low here. Dive down. K Thank God.

I grabbed the rail of the boat, which was like a couple of feet from me. So I dived down a couple of feet further, and was able to resurface up on the outside of the boat, and just like shot up like a dolphin. In that first breath I took after that, it was unbelievable. I never experienced something like that. We all popped up. All right. We're treading water. What do we do now? Ended up seeing the boat eventually turn back around and launch some necessary items for our survival and get ended up getting their boat in the water and pick us up.

You go through something like that and it's like a big gleaming bright light luminescent like save me save me right here right now. This needs to happen or it's you know time's out. It was the realest Jesus is my Savior moment that I've witnessed in my life because that's it like I wouldn't have been able to get out of there without his help. There's no shot. There's no chance. There's too many variables that could have went wrong. So many little things where it's just like boom that's your life.