Is there a Creator?

Dan's Firsthand Evidence for a Creator

"If you're God, raise this one to life."

This is artist Dan Chen's proof. Eugene-area artist Dan Chen’s supernatural experience that convinced him there is a Creator. "Life is more than we can see, and we can't just rely on ourselves."

Video Transcription

My name is Dan Chen and I'm an artist.

I was born and raised in China in a really small village. I raised as an atheist because in China during those days, more or less believing in nobody else except yourself. So you try to achieve everything by yourself. And not until I came to the state.

In 1984, God moved me to Eugene. And that's when my spiritual aspect changed. Michelle started going to church. She never bugged me or anything, but I can see the changes in her life and our relationship is getting better. And I was grateful that she would go to church so I can do my own work.

I have some ceramic plaster mold. This is what I took from Gold Base and when I had me half golden fairly cool. When I moved up from San Francisco. So in the garage, it's been boxed up for two years and I opened it up and I it was a cold day. A cold night I was working in the garage and I found a dead salamander. It was dried up like jerky. It's just a little tiny thing, so I don't know what came to me but in my heart, I asked, “If you’re God, raise this one to life.”

That was it, I just put it down on the side and I get back to work. Pretty soon I see a movement in my peripheral vision, and I saw that thing start curling, and I pick it up and put my hand and it becomes alive and crawling on my hand. All I can say during that moment, I would say “It’s alive and it’s alive.”

He knows I'm sensitive and he knows I like animals. I think with that it just convinced me no other words can speak because of that I realize is more than what we can see and from that point on I'm still I'm start searching for who God is and led to the point that I realize we can't be just depend on ourselves, but rely on God.

I become a believer and a follower, and during the time was really peaceful but after that when life's situation changed, I had to face a lot. I lost my dad to cancer and in time I lost my wife.

Without Christ, I don't think I can go through it, and without the brothers and sisters in church. I don't think we can face all that changes and I know God who God is and I know he gave me a gift as an artist and I would do and to serve him with the gift that he gave me.